An Unforgettable Wedding

SantaPark specialises in the planning and implementation of Arctic Weddings. Even in the height of summer, weddings can be perfectly arranged surrounded by glistening ice. In the enchanting Ice Gallery, the happy couple step up to the Ice Altar in the middle of summer! The wintry setting of the Ice Gallery is a fantastic venue for winter or summer weddings, as following the ceremony, the wedding couple can return to warmth, even though the scenery remains white.

What about if the wedding were to be arranged in a unique place; one that cannot be found elsewhere on the globe? The Arctic Circle line travels above SantaPark, boasting the only place in the world where you can cross the magical line 50 metres below ground. What could bring more happiness to the wedding couple than taking their vows on the Arctic Circle in the SantaPark cavern, to continue with the reception dinner in the white snowy surroundings where you won’t get cold!

The glistening white Ice Gallery and Arctic Circle Undercrossing Restaurant can serve the wedding dinner, cake and coffee for up to a group of thirty persons, but the underground cave of SantaPark has space for much larger festivities: the Kota Restaurant in the central plaza, just a few steps from the Ice Gallery, can cater to hundreds of party guests. Blissfully romantic or upliftingly lively music and/or dance performances provide the highlight for the wedding dinner in the central plaza.

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