Did you know this about Santa Claus?

Santa’s Age

When we asked Santa this question, he thought for quite a while before replying: Do you know, I’m not even sure myself. Once I tried to sit down and think how many Christmases I could remember, but once I had got to about 364 Christmases I fell asleep in my very comfortable rocking chair…

Santa’s Beard

The length of Santa’s beard varies according to who measures it. The most recent measurement was conducted by the Head Professor Elf who used his right foot to make the measurements, and the dimensions were found to be three feet and a few sticking out hairs! In order to make sure Santa’s beard stays handsome and bushy, the elves have established Santa’s very own Elf Barber Shop. Taking good care of Santa’s beard is quite a task indeed; just keeping the beard curly requires hard work done by a dozen elves!

How Tall is Santa?

Santa’s height varies according to what he is doing at the time. Santa is much shorter when he wanders the fell hillsides to pick berries or talk with small children, and he’s much taller when he is looking out to the horizon or staring at the starry skies. However, one thing we do know for certain: Santa Claus is taller than the tallest elf, but shorter than the oldest, grandest pine trees of Lapland.

Santa’s Favourite Places

Santa Claus has a number of places all over the world that he loves dearly and visits often, and places where he has established his own bases. Nevertheless, his only true home is located in Finnish Lapland at Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain).

Santa’s Favourite Food

This question is not very hard to answer: Santa Claus believes that the best food in the whole world is naturally the Christmas Porridge prepared by Mrs Claus! The recipe for the porridge is top secret, and no-one but Mrs Claus actually knows the secret recipe. The Wisdom Elves did, however, reveal one of the secret ingredients for the porridge: A spice called “Where’d-I-put-it?”

Korvatunturi (Ear Mountain)

Korvatunturi is a fell rising to a height of 483 metres in Finnish Lapland. Its name in Finnish means Ear Mountain due to the three large ears on its summit. These ears function a little bit like satellites sucking all the dreams and wishes of adults and children alike into the mountain. A secret office is located deep within Korvatunturi for processing these dreams and wishes. This is the place where the Wish, Hope & Desire Elves receive the transmissions of dreams and wishes and forward them on to Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves working in the workshop. Korvatunturi is also Santa’s home: this is why its secret tunnels can only be accessed by Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves.

Mrs Claus

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus have known each other well before the first fells formed in the Lappish wilderness. Mrs Claus also lives at Korvatunturi and her job is to keep the entire Korvatunturi running while Santa and the elves concentrate on their own important tasks. Mrs Claus can also be met in the Municipality of Savukoski to which Korvatunturi belongs, where she has her own cabin.

How Santa Travels at Christmas

The answer to how Santa manages to distribute so many gifts in such a short time is one of the world’s most closely guarded Santa secrets. We can reveal that the differences in time zones and the speed of Santa’s reindeer play a part. Furthermore, children in different parts of the world receive gifts on different days starting from the birthday of Saint Nicholas through to the Epiphany. The ultimate answer has something to do with the Magic of Christmas, and no-one but Santa Claus actually knows the secret.

Santa’s Sleigh & Sledge

The sledge pulled by a reindeer is Santa’s main form of transportation. It has been made in the same way the ancient Laplanders used to make their sledges. The Laplanders got the idea for the sledge by following the activities of the beaver that when building its winter nest (called a lodge). The beaver holds onto large bunches of aspen twigs used to build the lodge and lies on its back while another beaver pulls it along.
The sledge is no good for carrying all the gifts though. This is when Santa has to use his sleigh. The sleigh is made with the same old methods as the sledge, but it is a lot larger and a number of reindeer are needed to pull it. The number of reindeer needed to pull the sleigh depends how heavy the load is.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are created when Aurora the Fox roams the Lappish fell highlands and swishes its bushy tail over the snowscapes making the snowflakes fly into the air. Many people are unaware of the fact that Santa has actually hired Aurora the Fox to help Santa Claus and the Korvatunturi folk by using the Northern Lights as a form of communication. Santa Claus, Mrs Claus and the elves have their own secret and peculiar whistle they use to call Aurora the Fox to create the Northern Lights when they have something very important to tell one another. The Northern Lights also provide a tremendously superb way of travelling. A form of travel often used by Santa Claus.

What Santa Does in His Time Off

Santa Claus takes his holidays in the summertime! This is a time when he relaxes by wandering the forests and fells picking berries or fishing. Santa Claus also enjoys gold panning at his very own secret gold claim accompanied with his Golden Elves. His favourite hobby is definitely reading: even as we speak he is reading ten books at the same time.


Many believe that reindeer are Santa’s most important animals. For Santa Claus, the welfare of all animals is very important. Consequently, in a number of locations all over Finland the animals also celebrate Christmastime. For instance, at the Ranua Zoo you can experience the Animal Christmas when the smallest of mice to the biggest of bears wish each other a very Merry Christmas! Did you know that polar bears do not hibernate?
Santa Claus is a true friend of all animals and he can also speak in animal languages. This skill is especially important during the summertime in the Lappish wilderness when the mosquitoes dominate the landscape. The mosquitoes are helpers for Santa’s Reindeer Elves, as they help to gather all the reindeer together to receive their earmarks.


Without a doubt, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer is the best-known of all Santa’s reindeer. Rudolf is easily spotted during Christmastime due to his glowing red nose. Of course Rudolf is only one of Santa’s reindeer, as a number of reindeer are needed to pull the gift sleigh. At some stage in life, each of Santa's reindeer learn to fly at the Rudolf Red Nose Flying School. However, they only fly at Christmas and when conducting test flights. The reason for this is that only Christmastime has sufficient magic to make flying possible. During other times the reindeer graze in the wilderness of Lapland.

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