Frequently Asked Questions

When is SantaPark open?

- SantaPark is open during the winter and summer seasons. You can always check exact opening dates and hours from OPENING HOURS AND LOCATION. SantaPark is also opened by arrangement outside regular opening hours. 

Where is SantaPark located and how do we get there?

- SantaPark is located along the E4 main road heading north (Ivalo, Kemijärvi), approximately seven kilometres from the Rovaniemi town centre. Arriving by car, you can access the SantaPark car park directly from the E4 road. Local bus no. 8 travels a number of times a day along the route: Railway Station – Rovaniemi Town Centre – SantaPark – Santa Claus Village – Rovaniemi Town Centre. Taxis will also bring you right up to the Main Entrance.

How do I purchase an entrance ticket to SantaPark?

- Entrance tickets can be bought from SantaPark ticket office inside in the cavern. Each ticket is valid for two consecutive days. We accept debit cards and Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Clun credit cards. With us you can also pay with American dollars any time of the year and in the summer with Swedish and Norwegian krones and in winter season with Great Brittain pounds.

How much does the taxi trip cost to SantaPark?

- The taxi trip from the town centre of Rovaniemi to SantaPark costs around 20 euros.

Are there some days when SantaPark has a lot of visitors?

- During the winter season, some of the days in SantaPark are busier than other days. We try to forecast the busy days and put some information on our web page.

Is it cold in Santa’s Home Cavern?

- SantaPark is an entirely roofed indoor space, so winter clothing is not needed for having fun in SantaPark. You can store your winter clothing at the self-service cloakroom next to the ticket sales booth.

Can I take a photograph of Santa Claus using my own camera?

- Of course you can. Those entering Santa’s Office can have an official photograph taken with Santa Claus that may be purchased.

Can animals be brought to SantaPark?

- It is forbidden to bring animals into SantaPark. The exceptions are guide dogs.

Can you smoke in SantaPark?

- Smoking is forbidden in all indoor areas of SantaPark.

Are there first aid facilities in SantaPark?

- SantaPark has a first aid room. If necessary, please inform one of the elves in the cave.

How are mobility restrictions taken into account in SantaPark?

- SantaPark has very wide even-surfaced corridors and spacious WC facilities for people with mobility restrictions. Activities are also easily accessible (low steps). There is no actual parking place for people with mobility restrictions, but the car can be driven through the gate, so the customer is taken to the Main Entrance of SantaPark. The vehicle should then be driven back down to the car park.

Is it possible to borrow a wheelchair in SantaPark?

- SantaPark has a few wheelchairs for use by customers. The ticket sales elves will gladly provide you with more information.

Does SantaPark have a lost and found department?

- Mislaid items are collected from the cave every day. If you have mislaid something in SantaPark, ask the ticket elf for assistance.

Can pushchairs be hired in SantaPark?

- SantaPark has a few pushchairs for use by customers. For deposit of 30 euros pushchairs may be borrowed for the duration of your stay.

Is there a nursing room for babies?

- Yes, the first one can be found in the toilet facilities by ticket booth. The next one is in the Undercrossing of the Arctic Circle toilet facilities.

How have food allergies been taken into account in the Kota Hut Café servings?

- In addition to having a range of gluten-free and milk-free products, Kota Hut Café also serves delicious food that does not contain eggs or nuts. The lunch menu always has a vegetarian option.

Does SantaPark provide accommodation?

- Just next to SantaPark you can find Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, the hotel is a part of SantaPark Arctic World. You are welcome to visit also our Rakas Restaurant & Bar at the hotel. For more information: