Mrs Claus Rice Pudding

2 elf hats of pudding rice
2 elf hats of water
1 troll chalice of milk (use fresh reindeer milk if you can get it)
knob of butter
1 generous dash of Mrs Claus tender loving care

First the rice should be cooked in water for a little while. During the cooking process, smile and gradually add some milk, stir gently to make a velvety smooth porridge. Add the knob of butter and one whole almond. To be savoured with plenty of sugar, cinnamon and a knob of butter while listening to Christmas songs. This recipe makes enough porridge for half a dozen elves or one small troll.

Christmas Ham

First take one troll leg sized salted ham and cover it with rye pastry. The ham should be roasted in the oven at 175 degrees until the cover gets some colour (i.e. 1 Santa’s brief nap!). Then lower the temperature to 110 degrees and let the ham roast until it is ready. The time needed for roasting is approximately one Santa’s brief nap per kilogram of ham. One good indication of when the ham is ready is when delicious stock is released into the oven dish and the elves gather around to dip their bread in it as a tasty snack.
Christmas Ham Rye Pastry Covering
½ troll’s chalice of water
1 elf’s handful of salt
7 elf hats of rye flour
7 elf hats of wheat flour

Mix the ingredients together and quickly work into dough. With the help of the baker elves, roll the pastry until it is about one centimetre thick. Then carefully and happily cover the ham before putting in the oven remembering to sing at the same time.