Gourmet Blueberry Pie

½ berry bowl of butter
½ berry bowl of sugar
3 eggs

Firstly, you need to energetically whisk together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs to the mixture one at a time while whisking. Gradually add flour to the mixture until the dough is easy to roll out. Roll the pastry until about two millimetres thick. Cut a round piece from the pastry to line the well-greased pie dish. Fill the pie dish with freshly picked blueberries that have been covered with plenty of sugar and a little cornflour. Cover the pie with another round piece of pastry and bake the delicious pie in the oven at 175 degrees for about 15 minutes. After removing the pie from the oven allow to rest for a moment before serving with ice cream or custard flavoured with caramel sauce. The enchanting aroma of the freshly baked pie is bound to get the elves running for miles around for the chance of a little taste!

Santa’s Crimson Lingonberry Drink

2½ troll handfuls of lingonberries
2 troll chalices of water
1 elf's dash of tartaric acid
½ troll’s handful of sugar to one troll chalice of juice

Thoroughly clean and mash the lingonberries. Mix the tartaric acid with half a troll’s chalice of water and add the lingonberries and the remaining water. Allow the juice to become juicy for one or two days (don’t even think about tasting it before, no matter how hard to resist!) The juiced lingonberries should then be sieved through gauze cloth. Finally, add sugar to the juice and bottle in Mrs Claus’s elegant glass bottles. The juice should be stored in a cool place and the elves can take sips for about a month!