Santa’s Tasty Burbot Soup

1 – 1½ troll handfuls of burbot
1½ troll chalices of water
2 onions
10 whole allspice (or a couple more if you really like pepper!)
3 bay leaves
dill stems
about 7 elf hats of diced potatoes
about 2 elf hats of cream or crème fraîche
burbot liver

First boil the cleaned burbot fished from beneath the ice in fresh water. Skim the foam forming on the surface and flavour the stock with onions, allspice, bay leaves and dill stems and cook for around 20 minutes. Next the Burbot is removed to cool and the stock should be sieved. The diced potatoes are cooked in the stock before adding the filleted Burbot meat and plenty of dill. The flavour of the soup is enhanced by adding plenty of cream or crème fraîche and perfectly topped off with sliced burbot liver fried in butter. Then all you have to do is savour the soup with eyes closed, letting good feelings run from head to toe. There should be enough soup for half a dozen elves, unless Santa decides to start eating it straight from the pot.