Mushroom Soup from the Beard Moss Forest

1 berry bowl of boletus mushrooms
2 large onions (about the size of a troll’s nose will be fine!)
1 troll chalice of vegetable stock (or fresh water and root vegetables from your vegetable patch)
1 – 2 elf hats of cream (one is too few, but you can’t add too much cream)
trumpet-shaped chanterelles or other chanterelles (or any other edible mushrooms you find in Beard Moss Forest)

First, soften the cleaned and delicious beard moss forest mushrooms with some chopped onions together in a saucepan. Add the tasty vegetable stock and leave to simmer for 30 mins – 1 hour. Next, purée the soup using a troll’s spinning contraption (or hand-held blender) until it becomes a smooth and fine purée. The purée can be seasoned with a little salt and pepper, and flavour can be enhanced with a generous helping of real cream. Before serving, sprinkle some crispy butter fried trumpet-shaped chanterelles or other chanterelles over the boletus mushroom soup. The elves know that these can also be found from the Beard Moss Forest. The more beard moss there is, the cleaner the environment is, and the better the mushrooms.

Mrs Claus Marinated Mushrooms

When picking the mushrooms for the soup, the elves also gather all the milk cap mushrooms. The larger mushrooms are seasoned with salt, and the smaller mushrooms are used to prepare the Mrs Claus Pickled Mushrooms.Take elf foot-sized and smaller blanched milk cap mushrooms. The milk cap mushrooms should be placed in a clean glass bowl and hot stock should be poured over to completely cover the mushrooms. The stock is 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water and 1 part sugar. Cinnamon sticks and whole cloves are used to flavour the stock. The mushrooms and stock are then poured into glass jars, filling to the brim and made air-tight. The mushrooms will keep until the next mushroom picking season, unless the little elf mouths don’t eat them all before this.