Mrs Claus Recipes

Mrs Claus is very popular among the Korvatunturi folk due to her mouth-watering recipes and her Secret Recipe File – a collection of recipes for Santa’s favourite meals prepared by Mrs Claus. One quiet evening while sitting by the fire and browsing through the recipe file to help decide what tomorrow’s food will be, Mrs Claus decided to reveal some of her delicious recipes for regular folk. However, Mrs Claus has written the recipes in her own, rather unusual fashion, and in order to understand the recipes, you will need to know what the quantities mean:

1 elf’s hat = 1 decilitre
1 troll’s chalice = 1 litre
half a dozen elves = 4 people
1 troll’s leg = 10 kg
Santa’s brief nap = approx. 1 hour
1 elf’s handful = 1 tablespoon
1 berry bowl = 400 g
1 elf’s foot = 1 human pinch
1 troll’s handful = 1 kg
1 elf's dash = 25 g

Mrs Claus wishes you bon appétit with the following delicious recipes!