SantaPark meetings and conferences

Are you looking for a meeting place for your guests who seem to have seen it all?
SantaPark, Santa’s home carvern, can offer facilities for both small meetings and big conferences. The cavern is located only 10 minute drive from Rovaniemi and it is safe from all noises from world outside. Combine activities and lunch or dinner and you have everything under the same roof!
Small and intimate meetings can be held in a traditional Lappish cabin-like space where the smell of gingerbread cookies ease up minds as snacks and hot or cold drinks are served by the fire place. Group work can be organized in separate tables or even work shop rooms -all under the same roof along the corridor of the cavern! If you need an auditorium our “Elf School” is quickly transformed with direct sight to stage from each seat and state-of-art conference technology. Auditorium can seat up to 50 people.
No extra hassle involved in big meetings or conferences! Santa Park Main Square inside in the cave can seat 400 people in tables, 500 people in overall seating, serve dinner for 800 people and fit thousands of people standing inside. Main Square has a stage and any information can be reflected on a screen on the stage too. Besides the stage, there is space for live band, dance floor and sound systems. All facilities, activities, workshops, games and plays can be created and transformed according to your wishes!

SantaPark dinners and incentive programs

The magical line of the Arctic Circle is placed on exact spot of Santa Park cavern, which makes Santa Park already a unique place but in the cave you can actually go under the Arctic Circle 50 meters below the surface! What an experience to undercross the Arctic Circle first, on a spot where it is always snowing regardless of the time of the year, and continue for a dinner to icy, white, snow world where nobody gets cold! Through the Undercrossing of the Arctic Circle You and your guests can access an Ice Gallery of Santa Park. Ice Princess dressed up in white is living in her ice-cold ice world, where between the icicles and frosty walls cheeks turn red and brisk air of minus degrees clear up minds- also in the middle of summer! In the Ice Gallery stories of Lapland are woken up by ice sculptures and Ice Princess is serving her magic drink to make your toes warm. This drink is made of special and secret ingredients and served from a glass made of ice!

The Ice Gallery is a great place for special guests as everyone gets back to normal, warm, inside temperatures to enjoy dinner or lunch, still in frosty and icy atmosphere of Santa Park cavern! In the surroundings of the Undercrossing and the Ice Gallery dinner or lunch can be served for up to 30 guests.

Santa Park cavern is also a great place to host bigger parties for up to thousands of guests:  the Middle Square and Kota-restaurant are located only some tens of meters from Ice Gallery and Undercrossing of the Arctic Circle inside the same cave. On the stage of Kota professional dancers of Santa Park Show are performing romantic and exciting show to greet your guests, live bands gets every one of the mood for the dance floor and thematic bar serves the best cocktails until the late hours of the evening. Or perhaps you would like to introduce one of the best knows celebrities of the world to your guests? Mr. Father Christmas himself is working in Santa Park and ready for a group photo in his very own office.

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