Film Friendly  

Extraordinary experiences for audiovisual productions

We have participated in Film Friendly couching organized by Lapland Film Commission in spring 2011. We know the basics of film industries and can recognize the needs of productions. We are committed to serve production crews as a professional, flexible, efficient and liable partner.

Welcome to film in Lapland!
Lapland Film Commission

SantaPark and Joulukka offer a well-functioning, atmosphere rich and adaptable surrounding for any audiovisual production and we have experience of hundreds of different productions.

SantaPark cavern consists of 1,3 acres of surface with plenty of small and big spaces to choose from. Spaces are suitable for both: filming and supporting production work. There are no changes in climate and it is possible build even massive structures as the main square also has a very high ceiling. We have an existing light and sound systems and it is possible to drive even bigger trucks inside the cavern.

Joulukka is a large, authentic, arctic forest that consists of 35 acres of private land. There is a natural lake next to Joulukka with a private sand beach, fairytale like existing buildings and the surrounding scenery is magical for outdoor filming and recording. It is easily arranged to use husky dogs, reindeer, snowmobiles or film masses of people in one place. In Joulukka it is possible to build any structures and buildings, also from snow and ice. Also the private roads of Joulukka are in use of the production.

As addition to facilities, we also offer full services for any size productions with catering, lodging, meeting and conference facilities and technology, logistics and car and other equipment rentals. As professionals in extraordinary experiences we can also provide production assistants and professional actors, circus performance actors, real elves and of course the only true Santa Claus.

SantaPark and Joulukka have provided services already for hundreds of crews filming commercials, childrens’ shows, radioads, news, interviews and tv- series. We have approximately 30-40 TV crews a year.

To mention a few:
24-episodes of reality adventure for whole family ”Rescue Santa” (Aitomedia-production company)
"Santa" international movie
BBC Blue Peter childrens’ program, Christmas with 2 episodes
Story House Productions
Coachtour (Channel 4)
Santa Claus Song Festival (Storyof...)
NBC Today Christmas Special
Volvon, Audi and many other commercials
Channel 4 (UK) several productions
ITV (UK) several productions
NBC Morning News, TV M6 France, PVP1 Poland, Belgian RLTV Christmas Special, TV Canal Sur Espanja, NTV Russia, Nova TV, RAI3 Italy (several productions)
MTV3 Finland and Story Of.. productions
”Bachelor” Ukraine
Santa Claus Song Festival China

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