Santa Claus has loads of elves. People say that when the sun sets at Korvatunturi, just as many elf feet can be seen poking out of the bed covers as there are stars in the sky. New elves are always born when the very last rays of evening sunshine meet the Northern Lights and stars shine in the heavens. It is also possible for anyone to be promoted as an elf. Promotion requires successful completion of Elf School and of course some genuine Christmas magic in their hearts.

No two elves are the same: some are smaller than a baby dormouse, while others are bigger than the biggest spruce trees at Korvatunturi. Each elf also has its very own name and special duties, and they live all over the world. Although elves can be very large, they are still very difficult to spot. This is due to their extremely rapidly running legs and silent movement. Did you know that humans can only see elves when the elves want to be seen?