Hello everybody!

It is only less than three weeks until the grand opening of SantaPark’s summer season! I’m feeling all tingly from all the excitement, because there is so much happening on the big day! We have heard rumours that there will be special guests from circus school in the cavern that day teaching everybody how to do some real circus style tricks! I’m bursting with anticipation, because it all sounds very fascinating.

As the opening day is getting closer and closer, we have many things to do in the cavern, but everything is done joyfully with the exciting event in mind. Even the reindeer have been taking part in the arrangements by dusting some rugs outside. They are very efficient at it too and as a reward they get a nice big meal and a couple of pieces of sugar each.

I don’t really know how I can wait for almost three weeks! The opening is 23rd of June and I have started to cross out days from the calendar so I know exactly how many days there are left. I hope I will see you too celebrating the wonderful summer in the cavern with us on the big day!

Elf Elfiina:)


Hellooo everybody!

Soon it is summer and Rovaniemi begins to blossom! As bumblebees dance and waves hit the shores it is time to explore the most memorable places of summer fun with Rovaniemi Summer Pass in your pocket! In Summer Pass you will have lots of exciting things to do for the whole family and most importantly you get to visit us Elves, Santa Claus, Mrs. Gingerbread and Ice Princess in SantaPark!

Ice Princess is spending her summer in her icy kingdom in SantaPark and is especially excited about meeting summer visitors. She offers a nice cool breeze to the hottest days of summer. Have you already tried her ice slide? Elf Marfiina holds the record of the longest slide yet - can you break her record? She slides eight times every day!

You can get your own awesome Rovaniemi Summer Pass from the Summer Pass destinations and from Rovaniemi info at Lordi’s square. Go get yours and enjoy summer with your whole family! We elves are waiting anxiously to hear all about how you spend your summer holiday and how many times you have visited the ice slide! Rovaniemi Summer pass is the greatest way to enjoy Rovaniemi for both locals and visitors.



Balloon-bright hello!

The cavern of the Elves is buzzing with excitement, because May Day is just around the corner! Every Elf is blowing balloons and Trolls have decorated their hollows with paper streamers. May Day is a sign that spring is turning to summer and everyone is hopping upside-down with joy. Mrs. Gingerbread has made a beautiful batch of special Finnish May Day lemonade that Santa himself is very fond of, since Mrs. Gingerbread puts lots of raisins in each portion.

Did you know that for example in Germany May Day’s night is the night of magic and witches? We elves are most certain that there is some kind of magic in the air, because every day little miracles are happening in gardens and forests. Witches haven’t been sighted, but Trolls and Fairies are having a big party in the forest and will be dancing all through the night.

In Rovaniemi there is a May Day party for families at the Angry Birds playground and this year our lovely Ice Princess is joining the festivities at 12.00-15.00 and she is looking forward to wishing all the children and adults a wonderful May Day and a beautiful spring! Come and meet the Ice Princess and celebrate spring with her if you are in town!



Hello all friends of elves!

Summer is just around the corner and here in Rovaniemi snow is melting so fast, it makes a whooshing sound as it goes. We elves have been enjoying the spring, racing the rabbits on our skis along the blanket of snow and visiting mama bears new-born babies in their winter den. Bears don’t usually let anyone near their little cubs, but since forest elves have been living side by side with them, taking care of the bears and keeping their dens clean during winter, they are practically soul mates. The cubs are now getting to know the new world and it is heart-warming to watch them play.

Now it is, however, time for us elves to put our skis and sleds away for the summer and to enjoy of the sun of Lapland that shines brighter and warmer every day. Each elf is sticking their nose on the ground, sniffing the warm smell of the soil and admiring the gutsy little seedlings peeking from the dirt. We are also anxiously waiting for the ice to melt from the lake so we can enjoy a refreshing swim after relaxing in the sauna. All elves love bathing in the sauna and as soon as the birches get leaves, we can make the first birch whisks of the summer. Those are used to relax muscles and clean the skin in the warmth of the sauna and they give the whole place a great smell too! If you want to get pampered in a beautiful sauna in the middle of a forest and enjoy the wonderful treatments given by the Lady of Sauna herself, find more information about the amazing Forest Retreat at

Taking care of the animals of the forest is not the only thing elves have planned for the summer. The elves are checking on all the children and grown-ups to make sure everyone is being kind during summer too and SantaPark, the home cavern of Santa Claus, is opening 23.6.2014. We are hoping that you too will come by to play with us and to tell us about your summer!



Can you feel the frost biting!?

It is cold in Rovaniemi! Yesterday I was visiting my good friends, elves Yuliaana and Hemppu in Joulukka and I must admit… I am used to the warmth of our home cavern and my toes really did feel Mr. Frost nibbling on them. Yuliaana and Hemppu were fresh as cauliflower and didn’t feel the cold at all, even though it was below -30 degrees Celsius outside! They are used to living side by side with the animals of the forest and Yuliaana showed me how she can hide the smallest of the animals, for example squirrels and bunnies under the wide hem of her warm dress when it’s getting really cold. Hemppu actually sleeps many of her nights next to a bear. The old bear doesn’t mind, actually he doesn’t even wake up when Hemppu crawls next to him in his nest. But he appreciates it very much if Hemppu gives him a nice back rub before going to sleep.
Hemppu’s and Yuliaana’s home, Joulukka, is truly a magnificent place – I always feel a bit stunned after spending a day there. The forest is full of secrets – Yuliaana has told me amazing stories about the Northern Lights and once she even showed me the secret Command Centre of the Elves! Have you ever heard of it? It is the apple of the elves eyes and without it the work of Christmas would be a total chaos. The oldest and the most secret of Santa’s helpers work in the Command Centre. To be honest I didn’t even dare to look in there with both eyes, just peeked a little bit with one eye open…
There are numerous elves in the forests of Joulukka but also many other creatures as well – for example trolls, who are thrilled that it is winter time and dark almost the whole day round. They dance under the stars and compete in their wild troll games… And nowadays there is also a new resident in the forest called the Lady of Sauna, who is told to know all kinds of magic only the old Sauna Elves used to know back in the days…
If you want to have a visit in Joulukka, you can read more at I hope you have been good – only the most elfish persons are allowed to explore the hidden secrets of the Elves. And if you like to give yourself or one of your loved ones a treat now and then, read more about the wonderful treatments of the Lady of Sauna at

Your Elf-Editor:)


Secret arias of Elf Piparjuuri

Have you already met our wonderful Elf Chef Piparjuuri? He is a wonderful person who always sings opera arias while he’s cooking and the sound of whistling pots is like music to his ears. Piparjuuri calls himself a misunderstood artist… We are not perfectly sure what that means but it must be something pretty fancy.

As an Elf School student Piparjuuri got specialized into food seasoning. It has been said that he can make any food taste like gingerbread! This is especially convenient when dealing with the youngest elves since they always clean up their plates nice and tidy of all the healthy vegetables after Piparjuuri has done his magic. In school Piparjuuri was also a great gingerbread house decorator, but you can never catch him frosting anything. The story tells that he got enough of decorating after he fell into Mrs. Gingerbreads big barrel of frosting head over heels. Mrs. Gingerbread has never confirmed if the story is true or not. However Piparjuuri hasn’t touched frosting ever since.

This winter Piparjuuri is also conjuring up delicacies for the guests of SantaPark in the form of a delightful lunch buffet. There has been more clatter of pots and pans and delicate interpretation of opera than ever in the kitchen. Something grand is certainly in the making there. I think it is an opportune moment for an Elf reporter to make a little inspection in the kitchen… maybe there is a need for a sampler!

Your Elf-editor:)


Cavern full of elves (and their hats!)

Boy what fun we had at the Grand Opening of SantaPark’s Winter Season! I think all the Elves still find their stomachs a bit jiggly from all the laughing. The whole cavern was full of music, dancing and most importantly friends of Elves – Elf Mekuliina struck us all with amazement with her dance moves (she must have been secretly practising!). And the best part is that now we get to have fun with all the people all the way to middle of January!

It truly feels like Christmas is near now that the cave is nearly bursting with all the hustle and bustle and laughter of children and adults. And it seems like the number of elves has doubled or tripled with all the Christmas hats swooshing around! I was so astonished that I just had to ask the Professor Elf where all the new little Elves came from, and he revealed that this season all Elf School students get their very own diploma and a fabulous Elf Trainee Hat! No wonder it felt like the Elves were multiplying, who wouldn’t want to discover the secrets of the Elf School!

Did you know that Santa himself has gone through the entire Elf School? Usually it takes whole 99 years but Santa took a little bit longer time to graduate, since he wanted to master all the Elf Arts. This year the Elf Council and Santa Claus decided to renew the curriculum a bit… I took a peek of one lesson and I can tell you that nowadays there is a huge map on the classroom wall with trails of… Actually I’m not going to tell you more, the Elf secrets can be revealed only in the Elf School, tee hee!






Yoo-hoo friends!

Greetings from the cavern! The whole place is buz-buz-buzzing from all the busy-business that we have happening here because it’s only few days until the opening day of SantaPark! We have been scrubbing the whole cavern from top to bottom to get it super clean for the big day and now the floors are so shiny that you can see your own nose reflecting from them! At least if you look really, really closely…
Mrs. Gingerbread was also dashing around with a broom and a dustpan yesterday. It looks like Bakery’s dust bunnies had to pack their bags in a rush... But today there was such a wonderful waft of freshly baked gingerbread coming from the Bakery that I just had to take a peek to see the sparkling kitchen full of treats.
By the way, when are you baking the first gingerbreads of this Christmas? We elves sure know that even cleaning is much more fun when you have a duster in your other hand and a lovely baked goody in the other!

 By the way, do not forget to drop by SantaPark and check out what a good job we did with cleaning! We are opening our doors on 23 November, only in 2 days!!!! See you soon!!!

Yours forever,



Attention all Christmas bakers!

We elves invite all the wonderful bakers out there to the Great Gingerbread House Competition! It is time to put all your imagination in good use and the ideas into form of gingerbread because the prizes are amazing: the winner gets a SantaPark Dinner & Show package for four people (value of 356 euros) and a 50 euro gift card to shopping centre Revontuli Rovaniemi! The two runner ups will win a 50 euro gift card to SantaPark Pop Up Shop and all competitors get a free ticket to SantaPark to meet the real elves of Santa Claus! You can admire the participating gingerbread houses and vote for your favourite one on SantaPark`s Facebook or in SantaPark Pop Up Shop at shopping centre Revontuli, Rovaniemi!




Introducing the Ice Princess of the week: Ice Princess

In the freezing cold kingdom of hers, the Ice Princess still stays cheerful and happy day after day. She is the most beautiful of all the fairy tale creatures but she has a little sadness in her voice when I ask her if she is happy in her Ice Gallery. She has not found a husband. She is in search of a brave Prince who would be able to move into the Ice Gallery with her. So far, nobody has accepted the challenge.

“I am not too demanding, am I?” Ice Princess is asking me when I interview her for my blog. “All I am asking is to test my future husband if he is able to spend a night with me in the Ice Gallery. It is -10 degrees in my ice bedroom and so far nobody has been able to stay there with me for longer than one hour. I am a little bit sad, but I will not give up! I will find my true Prince, one day!” Ice Princess smiles and goes on to her duties. She is feeding her polar bears and hosting an ice bar in SantaPark Ice Gallery and served a drink called Ice Princess’ Kiss from a glass she has carved from ice by herself. It is a very popular drink, but yet, Princess herself has never been kissed. “To the end of the days, I will wait for my Ice Prince who is able to kiss me. Until then I will serve my kisses from an Ice Glass.”

If you are up for a challenge, come and meet the beautiful Ice Princess in her Icy Kingdom the Ice Gallery and try and get through the challenge she has set to find her true match, the Ice Prince.





Introducing the elf of the week: Mekuliina

Did you ever wonder who makes all toys of the world? Teddies, barbies and little cars? Well, elf Mekuliina is our toy expert. She works in the toy factory of SantaPark which is located in one of the hidden and very, very, secret passage ways of SantaPark.

“SantaPark is a labyrinth of tunnels where they busy elves work in many different tasks. One of the most important tasks of an elf is of course- making toys.” Elf Mekuliina tells us. “All the children of the world are making toy wishes upon Christmas but not all children get the toys they wished for. Perhaps they should have been a little bit nicer to their parents or siblings or perhaps Santa thought that the toy is meant for little older children. However, all toys are made by the elves. There are the Hammer- elves, Technician- elves, IT- elves and Sewer- elves and many other elves that are specialized in an area of expertise.” Mekuliina explains. I myself I am an editor elf so my specialty is writing!

Mekuliina works in the shop of the toy factory in SantaPark. She knows every teddybear and reindeer by name, sizes of all pretty dresses, she remembers which Christmas decoration was made by which elf and she also knows how precious a teddy can be for a small girl or a boy. That is why Mekuliina is giving advice on how to name, take care and love your teddy bear.

You can make your own teddy bear with Mekuliina and the other elves at SantaPark Toy Factory -shopping area and two times a day you can hear the Secrets of the Toy Factory by the elves!




Introducing the elf of the week: Onni (Luck)

Onni is a very lucky elf. Mrs. Claus found this lonely elf in the attic all by her self knitting woolen socks. Onni got her name on that instant, because it means Luck and indeed this little elf had a very good luck and Mrs. Claus finding her was almost a miracle. If Onni was never found would this beautiful, funny and such a pretty and good elf be left all by herself in the attic for the rest of the days knitting socks?

Onni was a little scared at first; after all, this little elf had spent all her days by herself at the attic. Mrs. Claus took Onni to be her favorite little elf, fed her well, knitted colorful leg warmers with her to all SantaPark elves and spoke to her kindly. When Onni was brave enough to talk with other elves, Mrs. Claus signed her in to Elf School. As all children, also the elves need to go to the elf school to learn essential skills of their kind, such as mathematics and languages – in this case spelling and pronunciation of elfish. After completing 99 years of elf school, Onni went to work in SantaPark as recommended by Mrs. Santa.

Onni still enjoys knitting and accepted a challenge from Mrs. Claus: to knit the longest scarf in the world that all elves of SantaPark can fit to sleep underneath for the night!

Follow how Onni knits the longest scarf in the world and help Onni yourself in knitting at the entrance to SantaPark right after the ticket booth!




Introducing the Elf of the Week: Merry

Merry the elf loves baking and in no time she has created tasty waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and if you are very very hungry, Merry does a little magic and soon she appears again with a salty bagel, that has smoked salmon and tasty tar tar sauce inside!

Merry's favorite place in SantaPark is obviously the Kota cafe at the main square, where you can find her making dough or rolling blue and pink cotton candy into huge clouds of delicious candy! Merry often has her shirt in flour and chocolate and coffee, but it does not slow her down!

Merry which one is your favorite cake? "Oh, I love CHOCOLATE! Other elves prefer ginger bread cookies but I love real chocolate cake!" her eyes clitter from excitement. "I have thousands of receipes for chocolate cakes and I try one every day and they are all as wonderful! Try yourself!". Merry offers me a spoonfull of chocolate cake dough and it indeed smells wonderful, but I prefer waiting for the cake to be ready and fresh out of the oven before I taste it.

Meet Merry in the cafe and try her mouth watering delicacies, for example when you come to watch the show on the nearby stage!




Introducing the Elf of the Week: Sarfiina

Sarfiina Elf can be easily recognized in the crowds as she is the shortest but also the fastest. Even though she is one of the shortest, she is also one of the oldest ones! Sarfiina is already 279 years old and a very experienced elf. Sarfiina happens to be the head Professor Elf.

Her specialty is logistics of Christmas and languages which are essential lessons in the Elf School that lasts 99 years. Sarfiina is fluent in Elfish, Finnish, English, Swedish, German and Spanish and she is announced as the head elf Professor of these countries. Besides teaching work, Sarfiina travels a lot around the world making sure all children have been nice and reminding the young elves of how to peak through the window correctly: “Professor work is so deep in me that I teach all the time everywhere” Sarfiina admits. The youngest and the wildest elves are quickly back in the line when Sarfiina says so and she has often been offered and apple for that.

“My most favorite lesson in the Elf School are of course learning the magic words in Elfish and geography” Sarfiina thinks out load. “You can find a gigantic, hundreds of years old map, that I still use for travelling around the world and peeking through the windows of children in all countries to see if they have been behaving well.” Sarfiina knows geography really well as she is well travelled for her age. Sarfiina, why do you travel so much? “I travel a lot for my work, but as I am really fast I consider it as my advantage that I love travelling, speaking languages and I also love it how children leave letters on their window shelves for me to take with me to the Arctic Circle for Santa. Sometimes I also get tastes of cookies and milk left for me just like children usually leave for Santa- especially in Great Britain!”

Get to know Sarfiina and the other teachers of the Elf School in SantaPark Elf School that starts every morning at 11am!





Lifesaver Hugo, 5 yrs. met Santa

On a normal summer day Hugo and his little brother had been playing in the garden nearby a pool, until the youngest in Iivarinen family Linus- brother had slipped into the icy pool! Luckily Hugo was next to his little brother: he tried himself first to catch Linus from the water but he did not manage. Hugo put all his strength into shouting as load as he can from the bottom of his lungs for their father who arrived to rescue his little brother who was already sinking in the water.

Today in SantaPark Hugo received a “Lifesaver” diploma from Santa Claus for his heroic act in saving his little brother’s life.
Hugo Iivarinen is a five year old hero, who has 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Family Iivarinen lives in Vaajakoski and they are all big fans of Christmas! The oldest triplets of the sisters have downloaded SantaPark Elf School videos that guests have put on internet so that the family can learn elf school lessons already months before Christmas. Santa was very happy to meet a full family with Christmas in their hearts.




Introducing the Elf of the Week: Nunnu

Nunnu is one of the oldest elves of SantaPark. She has been born and gone to Elf School in Joulukka and moved to SantaPark in later stage. She is already 237 years old (if she remembers correctly).

Nunnu is a very busy elf in SantaPark. She loves playing in the Angry Birds Activity Area and she is holding a record of eating the most Ginger Bread Cookies of all the elves in SantaPark. She ate 29 gingerbread cookies once on the Christmas morning. Afterwards she felt very sick and she will not do it again. The gingerbread cookies even had icing and sprinkles on top!
Nunnu loves Gingerbread Cookies and her favorite place in SantaPark is the bakery. She sometimes falls asleep in the front of Mrs. Gingerbread’s oven! “It is so nice and waaaarm and it smells so gooood!”.
One time the elves of SantaPark made her a trick and put salt into her icing. She recognized it immediately and did not eat any of the cookies with salt icing.

Come and talk to Nunnu in SantaPark as she loves playing with children! “I hope to see all the children of the world in SantaPark smiling and being happy!” says Nunnu, eating a gingerbread cookie.




Magic Sleigh Ride driver broke the record and was granted with an excellence diploma

Nico Simola is the record breaking driver of Magic Sleigh Ride. He has driven the train for approximately two thousand times or more. Perhaps even 2 020 times. On Monday Nico was driving the brand new Magic Sleigh Ride as it was renovated by the Elves during the spring.

Nico is a regular in SantaPark as he has seen Santa for the first time when he was only 2 years old. Now, 15 years later, Nico arrived to SantaPark opening amongst the very first arriving guests when Santa opened the doors. The Magic Sleigh Ride was the first activity Nico wanted to see and he walked past everything else. "The Sleigh Ride is the best activity in SantaPark!" Nico said.

Excitement can be seen on his face when he sits on the first carriage of the train. What is Nico going to do for the entire day in SantaPark? "Drive the Sleigh Ride as many times as I can in one day!" Nico replies to Elf's questions.
Nico Simola is the record breaking driver of Magic Sleigh Ride. He has driven the train for approximately two thousand times or more. Perhaps even 2 020 times. On Monday Nico was driving the brand new Magic Sleigh Ride as it was renovated by the Elves during the spring.

Nico is a regular in SantaPark as he has seen Santa for the first time when he was only 2 years old. Now, 15 years later, Nico arrived to SantaPark opening amongst the very first arriving guests when Santa opened the doors. The Magic Sleigh Ride was the first activity Nico wanted to see and he walked past everything else. "The Sleigh Ride is the best activity in SantaPark!" Nico said. Excitement can be seen on his face when he sits on the first carriage of the train. What is Nico going to do for the entire day in SantaPark? "Drive the Sleigh Ride as many times as I can in one day!" Nico replies.

The train starts to move and Nico concentrates to look carefully what exactly the elves have changed in the Magic Sleigh Ride. “The shape is still the same, but all flowers and summer is gone. It is all wintery”. It has been snowing a lot in the Sleigh Ride this spring and the scenery has changed to very Arctic Winter scenery, to a real Winter Wonderland! First section of the train is Nico’s favorite. Maybe it is the excitement of the first section or the fact that there is a winter sun shining through the winter. Nico looks very carefully through every little detail and spots all changes. Behind the corner there has been a bear, is it sleeping? Nico looks very carefully around the corner. Yes, the bear is sleeping in her little cave and the snow has fallen on her too.

In the next curve Nico remembers something: “The Elf Magic works in the Sleigh Ride like this!” and he puts his hands together when he sees a black door and like our of magic lights starts flickering like the stars in the skies and the door starts to open! In the last section of the Magic Sleigh Ride Nico can smell the light scent of paint and of course he recognizes each of the new machines in the toy factory. He is eagerly waiting for the last room. Nico has set a little challenge for every driver of the Sleigh Ride: How many elves are there celebrating a feast in the last curve? He has counted 40 elves but there can be many more..

SantaPark elf Nunnu congratulated Nico for the record breaking amount of rides and granted him with a diploma of The Expert of the Sleigh Ride!





Super-duper fun opening of SantaPark for summer 2013!

SantaPark grande opening 17.6.2013 started with a traditional greeting from Santa himself! Sunny weather and warm regards from Santa welcomed tens of families already before 10am.

The program of the opening day included not only revealing of how exactly and what does the magical post office do and how the new interior of Ice Gallery looks like after the Ice Princess did her spring cleaning but also the new Elf School! The children in the front row of the first ever lecture of Santa's new curriculum for Elf School2000 were super excited when elves showed how to use the magic words and the magic actually did happen!

Mrs.Gingerbread had been baking fresh gingerbread cookies for everyone to decorate and her old Christmas Tree Decoration Machine made funny noises in the corner of her kitchen. The scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies filled in the tunnels of SantaPark making it very obvious where to find 

The Ice Princess had come up with a game that requires a map, clever mind for reading hints and elves who know the name of the game. Every child was given a map at the entrance and by following the hints the kids could collect stamps on theip map and receive a gift from Ice Princess when all stamps were collected. The best part is that the game continues through out the whole summer!

The exciting dance show of SantaPark and a movie Niko the reindeer Christmas Adventure got the Kota cafe full of viewers and they also tasted Mrs. Santa's new waffle receipe. So many places to see and things to do but so little time! Do not worry my friend as SantaPark entrance is valid for two consecutive days!

Editor Elf Elfiina